Computer training

Alongside English lessons, we will also offer computer skills session for adults. These computer skills to provide a safe and nurturing environment so the students can grow in confidence. This will give the community a chance to develop skills that usually would be out of reach for this small community.

  • It is very important that people have the right skills to gain employment. Learning English is one skill in this but also computer training is vitally important in the jobs market. We want to give people the opportunity to train in computers, giving them a higher chance of employment.
  • People living in towns have the chance to study all the subjects offered by the good schools or Universities. However for people living in the rural areas across Cambodia, once they have finished their studies at the public school, they will leave with no professional skills, language skills or education in improving their standard of living. They will, therefore, be forced to work on a farm, as a construction worker in the city or they have no job at all.
  • The majority of people in the rural areas do not have access to education as it costs a lot of money.
  • Any villagers that wish to study will leave the village to do so. In the villages, English and computer studies are essential to secure a good job.

Be an example of excellence for the next generation and do everything you can do to help them understand the power and the purpose of a good education. 

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